Math 421 Linear Algebra Fall 2010

The primary textbook will be Linear Algebra, 4th Edition, by Friedberg, Insel & Spence.

Some supplementary material may come from
Applied Linear Algebra: The Decoupling Principle by Sadun,
Matrices, Theory and Applications by Serre, or
Rings Modules and Linear Algebra by Hartley and Hawkes,
but you will not have to buy these; I will copy any needed material.

The perquisite for Math 421 is Math 221, Introduction to Linear Algebra. You should spend some time reviewing before class starts, especially vector spaces, linear transformations, determinants, eigenvalues and eigenvectors. These are covered in the textbook so I will review some in class, but this material should not be foreign to you. Here is a link to my math 221 web page.

Math 421 is a senior level course and so does assume some familiarity with proofs. You will be expected to read complex proofs and do shorter proofs for homework and on tests.

Grades: Ten homework sets worth 10 points each.
              Two midterm exams worth 100 points each.
              A project worth 50 points.
              A comprehensive final exam worth 150 points.

              Total possible points is 500.

(Links coming)

Homework assingments (from the textbook unless stated otherwise)

Study hard and have a great semester!