Tokyo Tech Topology Lectures

Professor Mike Sullivan
Southern Illinois University
Visiting Tokyo Tech
Janaury-Febraury 2013

The first couple of lectures are in the Rough Notes. This is general background material on topology. Then we will move onto the Trefoil Surgery paper. If time premits we will go through the Knot Factoring paper.

Please feel free to ask questions at any time. All homework is extra credit. The only test is if you feel you have gained something from these lectures.

  • Rough Notes (Not using these.)

  • Trefoil Sugery (Under revision)

  • Knot Factoring (Won't be using this.)

  • Brin's lecture notes on Seifert manifolds

  • Hatcher's "Notes Basic on 3-Manifold Topology" (has a good section on Seifert manifolds)

  • See "Lectures on Seifert Manifolds", 1983. (Haven't read this yet. Looks interesting.)

  • Wikipedia article summarizing Seifert fiber spaces

  • Moser's Paper

  • Visually building Smale flows (revised)

  • Lorenz like Smale flows on three-manifolds Bin Yu

  • An quick survey of Franks' papers on Smale flows

  • Talk at East Asian School of Knots and Related Topics

    I will also be giving talks here at Tokyo Tech, Feb 13, and at Osaka U, Feb 19.